Life insurance (savings and risk)

Now, if you have a mortgage, you can choose the life-risk insurance you want and not the one your bank tells you. It’s your right.

Your mortgage, your insurance.

Because when it comes to securing the future of the people you care about most in life, you can count on us, too.

Whether you need a life-savings insurance or a risk-life insurance, we will advise you so that you can enjoy the safest option and offer you the protection you need at the best price.

Discover some keys that you should take into account when valuing life insurance:

  • Most of the life insurances that are hire with the mortgage, only cover the payment of the house, but do not leave your family free of charges.

  • You can protect your assets against inheritance tax with a life insurance policy.

  • If you do not specifically designate any person as the beneficiary of the insurance, that person will be established by default according to the general conditions of the policy.

  • The age used to assess the risk and cost of the insurance is not always the actual age, as the birthday closest to the day of hiring is taken into account.

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